Jewish Budapest 150 - Father

On Budapest’s 150th birthday, Elisabethváros proudly presents Jewish Budapest. A quarter that spans centuries, constantly evolving and changing, but today it does not really exist, and yet it does. In fact, it is more vibrant, more colourful than even decades ago, and ever more exciting!
That is why we, the JCC Budapest, are proud to join this series of festive events at ZsiFi, with screenings of Hungarian film classics on Budapest and Jewish themes. After the films there will be talks with the filmmakers.



A boy in Budapest loses his father in 1945. He doesn’t remember much of him, but in his imagination, the father gradually becomes a legendary figure. Tako has grown into a young man but is still sustained by his faith in his father’s heroism. It is his budding relationship with university classmate Annie that finally leads him to put an end to the legend. He realizes that he must fight his own battles.  


After the screening in conversation with István Szabó, director.


Location: Art + Cinema, 1074 Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 39.



November 24. Friday 18:00, Art + Cinema


Original Title



Hungary, 1966


Hungarian drama | Language: Hungarian with English subtitles | 88m


István Szabó


András Bálint, Miklós Gábor, Dániel Erdélyi, Klári Tolnay, Katalin Sólyom

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The film was provided by the National Film Institute Nonprofit Zrt.