Concerned Citizen


In South Tel Aviv, everything is a little different (or a lot).

Gay Ben and his partner in South Tel Aviv have a baby. But there are other parts of the world where this is not news. The film is about a man trying to make his dirty, scary neighbourhood a little better by planting a tree. 

Come to Budapest, Ben! (and not because of the tree)

Rothschild 16, Izrael, 17’ shortfilm will be shown before the screening.


December 3. Saturday 17:45, Puskin, Metropolis

December 4. Sunday 20:00, Művész, Chaplin

Original Title

Concerned Citizen


Israel, 2022


Israeli filmdrama, Language: Hebrew and Arab with English and Hungarian subtitles, 1h 22m


Idan Haguel


Shlomi Bertonov, Ariel Wolf