The Greener Pastures


A sniff of the good stuff never hurts anyone, and in fact, it’s a real help over 70.

The benefits of medical marijuana have long been known. It eases pain, improves well-being… and it’s very funny! A couple of residents of a retirement home found out about it, and after a while they started not only using it, but also distributing the stuff prescribed by their doctor. And they say retirement is boring!

Pops, UK, 20′  shortfilm will be shown before the screening.



December 2. Friday 19:00, Puskin, Amarcord

December 4. Sunday 15:30, Művész, Chaplin

Original Title

The Greener Pastures


Israel, 2022


Israeli crime and comedy, Language: Hebrew with Hungarian and English subtitles, 1h 30m


Assaf Abiri


Shlomo Bar-Aba, Joy Rieger, Doval'e Glickman