This hybrid short film, in which the narrative act is preceded by a documentary one, follows an unusual family reunion. A divorced couple and four siblings embark on a drive to the heart of the Israeli desert, in search of the sight where they were all involved in a brutal car accident 15 years earlier. An accident that caused this family to fall apart.

WINNER – The Promising Filmmaker Award, Jerusalem Film Festival

The shortfilm will be screened before the film One More Story.



December 3. Saturday 20:00, Puskin, Metropolis

December 4. Sunday 19:15, Művész, Huszárik

Original Title

The Accident


Israel, 2020


drama, Language: Hebrew with Hungarian and English subtitles


Omri Dekel-Kadosh


Alma Zack, Moris Cohen, Solo Geva, Ethan Roznak, Ben Paz, Ty Tamir