One morning Tali, a single mom, finds out her account is blocked. The kindergarten payment fell through, and her girl is banned. Tali is blocked – she can’t even afford a snack to her daughter. She goes on a gruelling journey of phone calls with different call center representatives. When she fails her attempt to remove the block and retrieve her money, she decides to go there herself. She boards a bus with her daughter to fight for her honor.

The shortfilm will be screened before the film  Karaoke.



December 3. Saturday 20:00, Művész, Chaplin

December 2. Friday 19:30, Puskin, Metropolis

Original Title

Please Hold The Line


Israel, 2022


shortfilm, Language: Hebrew with Hungarian, English subtitles


Moran Nakar


Maayan Turgeman, Shlomy Erba, Noam Etinger, Hila Surjon