Armageddon Time


Growing up in a Jewish family isn’t easy, but at least it’s fun (sometimes).

This is the story of a three-generation family who migrated from Europe to Queens in the 80s to escape the Holocaust. The protagonist is an eccentric, tomboyish and very cute red curly-haired son who is always in trouble. His family is not easy – but what Jewish family is?  The sixth-grade boy is mostly at home with his grandfather, none other than Anthony Hopkins. For this film they’ve found the perfect casting team: Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Jeremy Strong – yes, that’s Kendall Roy from Succession, and he looks hilarious as an eighties Jewish dad! If for no other reason, we recommend the film for that alone.


November 30. Wednesday 19:30, Puskin, Metropolis

December 2. Friday 17:00, Puskin, Metropolis

December 3. Saturday 14:45, Művész, Chaplin

Original Title

Armageddon Time


USA, 2022


Language: English | Hungarian subtitles|109min


James Gray


Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong, Banks Repeta, Anthony Hopkins