The end of love

At first, they make love even if they are not in the same country. She’s in Paris, he’s in Tel Aviv. Time passes and the new form of communication kills their privacy. In the end, they fall in love for the first time.

Screenings, tickets

November 23. Tuesday, 19:00 – Művész, Chaplin

November 27. Saturday, 20:15 – Puskin, Metropolis

Online Screening (Távmozi)

Online screening (Távmozi): Please buy ticket only if you wish to watch the film from Hungary!

December 4. Saturday, 20:00 – Távmozi

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Original Title

À coeur battant


Israel, France, 2019


Language: French, Hebrew, English | Hungarian and English subtitles|90 min


Keren Ben Rafael


Judith Chemla, Arieh Worthalter, Lenny Dahan