Black Notebooks I. - II.


She is an exceptional woman, an extraordinary talent, a leading actress in Israel. Unfortunately she was.

Anyone who has seen an Israeli film will probably have met Roni Elkabetz, the wonderfully beautiful and talented actress who died painfully young from lung cancer.

The film, which also screened at Cannes, is a confessional letter from her sister Slomi Elkabetz to her sister. It invites us into the intimacy of a displaced Jewish-Arab family in an imaginary story where a pair of brothers and sisters confront a ruthless future by recalling the past and present.


Part One: December 3. Sunday 15:15, Művész, Huszárik

Part Two: December 3. Sunday 17:30, Művész, Huszárik

Original Title

Black Notebooks


Israel, 2021


Israeli drama, Language: Hebrew with Hungarian subtitles


Shlomi Elkabetz


Ronit Elkabetz, Yaël Abecassis, Simon Abkarian