7th Budapest Jewish and Israeli Film Festival

Welcome to the 7th annual Jewish and Israeli Film Festival of Budapest. The festival will take place between November 28th and December 2nd in the Művész and Puskin movie theaters.

With a broad line-up of the latest movies depicting today’s Jewish culture and heritage, Budapest Jewish and Israeli Film Festival is the largest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. This year’s programme features a fresh selection of recent pictures from Italy, the United States, Israel, Germany and Hungary.

The goal of the festival is to provide a diverse collection of films showcasing the current state of Jewish culture and movie making while striving to include multiple nationalities and genres.

Message from the Organisers.

All the movies will be screened in their original languages with Hungarian subtitles.

Like last year, there will be screenings in Budapest at other venues, such as Debrecen, Győr and Szeged.

Tickets available from 15 November.

e-mail: info@zsifi.org

Official Selection 2018

All entries are subtitled in Hungarian. English captions indicated, where applicable.

Original title: Abulele
Israel, 2015
Language: Hebrew
Director: Jonathan Geva
– 2 December, 3pm, Művész Cinema

An Act of Defiance
Original title: An Act of Defiance
South Africa, The Netherlands, 2017
Languages: English, Afrikaans
Director: Jean van de Velde
Szereplők: Peter Paul Muller, Antoinette Louw, Sello Motloung
– 30 November, 7pm, Puskin Cinema
– 2 December, 7:30pm, Puskin Cinema

Back to Berlin
Original title:Back to Berlin
Germany, 2018
Languages: Hebrew, English, German
Director: Catherine Lurie-Alt
– 2 December, 5pm, Művész Cinema

The Bar Mitzvah Boys
Original title: A Bármicvó fiúk
Hungary, 2017
Language: Hungarian
Director: Katalin Oláh, Sándor Csukás
– 2 December, 7:15pm, Művész Cinema

Original title: Disobedience
USA-UK-Ireland, 2017
Language: English
Director: Sebastián Lelio
– 30 November, 7:30pm, Puskin Cinema
– 1 December 3:15pm, Művész Cinema

Original title: Mutalim Besafek
Israel, 2017
Language: Hebrew
Director: Eliran Elya
– 28 November 7:30pm, Művész Cinema – venue change

Granny Project
Original title: Nagyi projekt
Hungary, UK, 2018
Language: English
Director: Bálint Révész
– 1 December, 3pm, Művész Cinema
– 2 December, 3:15pm, Puskin Cinema

In Her Footsteps
Original title: Acharayich,
Israel, 2017
Language: Hebrew
Director: Rana Abu-Fraiha
– 30 November, 5pm, Művész Cinema
– 2 December, 5pm, Puskin Cinema

Original title: Kishon
Israel, 2017
Language: Hebrew
Director: Eliav Lilti
– 1 December, 3:30pm, Puskin Cinema

The Last Meal
Original title: Das letzte Mahl
Germany, 2018
Language: Germany
Director: Florian Frerichs
– 30 November, 7pm, Művész Cinema
– 1 December, 7:30pm, Puskin Cinema
– Discussion session with director Florian Frerichs: 1 December, 9pm, Puskin Cinema –

Let Yourself Go
Original title: Lasciati andare
Italy, 2017
Language: Italian
Director: Francesco Amato
– 29 November, 7:30pm, Művész Cinema
– 2 December, 5:30pm, Művész Cinema

Mr. and Mrs. Adelman
Original title: Mr & Mme Adelman
France, Belgium, 2017
Language: French
Director: Nicolas Bedos
– 30 November, 4:30pm, Puskin
– 1 December, 5:15pm, Puskin

The Oslo Diaries
Original title: The Oslo Diaries
Israel, Canada, 2018
Languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic
Director: Mor Loushy, Daniel Sivan
– 29 November, 7pm, Művész Cinema
– 1 December, 7pm, Művész Cinema

Our Father
Original title: Avinu
Israel, France, 2016
Language: Hebrew
Director: Meny Yaesh

Original title: Planetarium
France, Belgium, 2016
Language: French
Director: Rebecca Zlotowski
– 1 December, 7:30pm, Művész Cinema
– 2 December, 4:30pm, Művész Cinema

The Samuel Project
Original title: The Samuel Project
USA, 2018
Language: English
Director: Marc Fusco
– 30 November, 5:30pm, Művész Cinema
– 2 December, 7pm, Puskin Cinema

Original title: Pigumim
Israel, Poland, 2017
Language: Hebrew
Director: Matan Yair
– 29 November, 7pm, Puskin Cinema
– 2 December, 4:30pm, Puskin Cinema

Original title: Shelter
Israel, Germany, France, 2017
Languages: Hebrew, English
Director: Eran Riklis
– 1 December, 5:30pm, Művész Cinema
– 2 December, 7:30pm, Művész Cinema

Simon and Théodore
Original title: Simon et Théodore
France, 2017
Language: French
Director: Mikael Buch
– 1 December, 3pm, Puskin Cinema

The Testament
Original title: Ha Edut
Israel-Austria, 2017
Languages: Hebrew, English
Director: Amichai Greenberg
– 29 November, 7:30pm, Puskin Cinema
– 1 December, 7pm, Puskin Cinema

To Dust
Original title: To Dust
USA, 2018
Language: English
Director: Shawn Snyder
– 30 November, 7:30, Művész Cinema
– 2 December, 5:30, Puskin Cinema

Women’s Balcony
Original title: Ismach Hatani
Israel, 2016
Language: Hebrew
Director: Emil Ben-Shimon
– 1 December, 5pm, Puskin Cinema

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